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David Stokes


A long time ago I worked for a prestigious company. I did earn a great amount of money, but always there was something I lacked money for! I forgot to pay for rent, accident expenditure on repairing the car, or best friend's wedding and where you can’t come empty-handed. Credits were my compulsory companions. I were extinguishing them, but they still grew like a snowball.
At some point, I got tired of it. Set myself a goal once and for all to deal with my finances, and I reached it. Many mistakes were made. I looked for advices, asked friends for help, read and studied a lot.
My family admired my successes and started asking for help with their finances. I know for sure that studying is better when it is based on someone else's experience. Therefore, I tried to collect all my accumulated knowledge and combine them in the simplest and accessible form.
I hope my efforts will help make other lives a little better.

Books by David Stokes

Financial Management for Beginners - Book cover
Knowing you buy only important stuff and can’t stop asking yourself where the heck did your money go? You know the best way to get an answer is to make a budget but where to start? Financial Management for Beginners not only can make you start but finally get ahead. Experience a life free of financial stress, debts, bills and late payment fees and transform your relationship to money into something stabile and pleasant. Man or women, young adult or a elderly person you are - it doesn’t matter. Regardless of how much your income is we’ll find a way to budget, save, and increase your net worth.
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