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David Thomas


I am 59 years of age and live in East Sussex. I was diagnosed with manic depression when aged about 17 but was almost certainly ill long before then. I have had many careers: caterer, croupier, van driver, cabbie and wannabe internet entrepreneur, but never truly achieved my potential, having been held back by an unhappy childhood and the subsequent mood swings that manic depression brings. When aged 36 I quit my job as a croupier and took up a place at university, graduating in 1992, that alone tells you something about me I suppose. I am currently working as an administrator for a construction company. I try to blog regularly and dream of one day seeing spring into life a screenplay of my book UNSETTLING. If you feel so inclined, you can also follow me on twitter.

Books by David Thomas

What you are surely about to purchase is a quirky, oddball, nerve-jangling account of a lifetime of unsettling events, which, they tell me, were brought about because I'm supposedly not quite sane, and they may very well be right.
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