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David Wilson


I live in the Highlands of Scotland with my wife, Tess, surrounded by the beautiful landscape of this area. Deer and rabbits are often in the garden while buzzards and kestrels can be seen on the fenceposts. The tranquillity of the area is where I gain my inspiration to write. I love to walk in the hills with my collie dog, Matt. My other interests, apart from writing, are poetry, photography, fishing the hill lochs and painting. My wife, who also writes, encouraged me to start when I was 69 years old and I really enjoy the research as I am constantly improving my knowledge.

Books by David Wilson

The Great War: Fields Of Blood - Book cover
The Great War: Fields Of Blood relates the strategies and action on The Western Front during The First World War. The flower of our youth went out to France and Flanders and it was a fine flower of gallant boyhood, clean, for the most part eager, not brutal except by intensive training, simple in minds and hearts, chivalrous in instinct, without hatred, adventurous, laughter-loving and dutiful.
Non Fiction
Murder At Gallipoli - Book cover
"Murder At Gallipoli" relates the strategy and action of the Battle Of Gallipoli. It begins with the campaign of a naval attack being conceived by Winston Churchill amidst much opposition. After the failure of the naval attack it tells of the landings on the beaches and the extreme difficulty of fighting in such terrain. In the mine-strewn Dardanelles and upon the blood-baked, sun drenched rocky slopes of Gallipoli, death always partnered every sailor and soldier.
Non Fiction