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Delia Coffey


Delia loves to create smaller stories that can be read in a few days, an afternoon off or relaxing anytime. She grew up in Missouri and spent 10 years on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. She loves to travel and lives in the country.

I love writing. It takes me somewhere else, away from work, to be specific. Much like reading does. His Secret was my first book and I enjoy every bit of writing it. Coming up with ideas as I went. It feels rewarding and fun at the same time. Everyone needs a hobby or something to do and writing is that wonderful getaway for me.

Books by Delia Coffey

Date Night - Book cover
Rebecca Jennings is a single Dental Assistant trying her luck at online dating. While Hesitant about it, her co-workers talked her into setting up a few profiles. After messages and a few date nights she finds someone that interests her. Might be falling for him. Then a secret admirer turns into a scary situation for her. A stalker leaving notes and watching her every move.
Fiction > Romance
At The Lake - Book cover
A quiet laid-back lake community is where Anne lives and works at the local bar. Beautiful lake and good friends enjoying everything there is to offer and romance is in the air until it becomes a victim of burglaries and murder. Trying to catch the villain leads them to a discovery that surprised them all.
Fiction > Romance