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DeShond Barnes


DeShond Barnes wrote "Counteract the Fat" by compiling & utilizing research findings made by scientists at various institutions & published in medical journals. DeShond has exercised extreme discipline & commitment to good health by reading nutrition facts labels & consuming a daily diet containing an average of 100% of the recommended dietary allowance for fiber, antioxidants & other essential nutrients 7 days per week, 365 days per year, year after year since November 1999.

This has allowed DeShond to maintain excellent blood cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure & body weight without having to avoid junk foods. DeShond is the only member of the family to practice such healthful habits... & the only member of the family to maintain such excellent health. DeShond possesses a degree of discipline & commitment that you might not think is humanly possible!

DeShond conducts frequent "Counteract the Fat" seminars at local Y.M.C.A.'s & public libraries in northern Illinois.

Books by DeShond Barnes

Counteract the Fat - Book cover

Many of us love junk foods. What we don't love are the medical conditions and weight gain that they are associated with. Research findings indicate that fiber and antioxidants can counteract the physiological effects of junk foods. This does not mean that we can eat unlimited amounts of fat every day. What it does mean is that we can have greater freedom in making food choices. "Counteract the Fat" is a compilation of these research findings, providing cutting edge information on how fiber and antioxidants can help prevent medical conditions and weight gain associated with high-fat and other unhealthy great-tasting foods.

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