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DL Fowler


DL Fowler, the bestselling author of Lincoln’s Diary – a novel, writes about the human side of history, probing the whys lurking behind history’s whats. He spent his teenage years in Southern California in the shadow of Redlands’ Lincoln Shrine. He now makes his home in picturesque Gig Harbor, Washington and travels frequently to America’s heartland.

Books by DL Fowler

Lincoln Raw by DL Fowler. Book cover
Abraham Lincoln tells his own coming-of-age story The way he saw himself. He's inescapably human: nerdy, eccentric, awkward, rustic, vulnerable, depressed, sly, witty, brilliant, driven. Lincoln Raw—a biographical novel proves that our values, not our circumstances, determine who we become—no matter what raw materials we’re made of or what mistakes we make along our journeys. But, it's not the story we learned in school. It's an intimate, human story that explores the roots of the passions that redefined America.
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