Donna Dechen Birdwell


I remember being about ten years old and becoming obsessed with the idea that if I was thinking with my brain, I ought to be able to think how it works! I’ve been trying to wrap my mind around reality ever since. I made a career out of anthropology—that utterly boundless science of humankind and how we got here—and then sidestepped into Buddhist philosophy and writing stories that fall somewhere in the neighborhood of speculative and/or science fiction.

Books by Donna Dechen Birdwell

Song of All Songs by Donna Dechen Birdwell. EarthCycles Book One. Book cover
Long after the apocalypse, Earth has repeopled itself. Twice. The two peoples are not getting along. Meridia's father was Melfar, but he's been gone many years, leaving her as a despised misfit in a world ruled by Mundani. She recently lost her mother as well. Meridia has one friend—Damon, an eccentric Mundani photographer who insists he's able to print pictures of biophotonic images. Or at least he did it once.
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