Dylan Callens

Dylan Callens
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Dylan Callens lands cleanly. That would be the headline of a newspaper built with an anagram generator. And although Dylan is a Welsh name meaning god or hero of the sea, he is not particularly fond of large bodies of water. His last name, Callens, might be Gaelic. If it is, his last name means rock. Rocks sink in the sea. Interestingly, he is neither Welsh nor Gaelic, but rather, French and German. The inherent contradictions and internal conflict in his life are obvious.

Be sure to visit his website http://www.cosmicteapot.net for news and updates on his work, and the work of other Cosmic Teapot Publishing authors.

Check out his first novel, Operation Cosmic Teapot, on Amazon and other major retailers. It’s the book that started Callens down the path of writing and publishing.

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