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Elena Chereshnya


My name is Elena Chereshnya. And I really want to make this world as more better place! ))) I love life, my family and friends, and everything that surrounds me! I have a great desire - to share my positive energy with each of you!
I am an illustrator, aspiring writer and poet. I study psychology, art therapy. Recently, I realized that my skills and knowledge can benefit and delight other people.
My present and future books are created in order to help those who need to understand themselves:
to make it easier to understand yourself and the world around us;
to make it easier to solve some problems.
The children's books that I create will delight young readers and their parents with funny stories and good illustrations. They will help to interest the kids in reading and in learning new things.
I am very glad to each new reader! Let's paint this world together with bright colors and wonderful emotions!

Books by Elena Chereshnya

Declutter Your House Yourself - Book cover
Relax and enjoy your life with color! You can create your magic blueprint in form of a book to help you align your thoughts, relieve anxiety, reveal inner harmony, and gives you the freedom to express your imagination. Anti-stress coloring "Declutter Your House Yourself. Create Magic Book with Your Own Magical Colors. 24 Inspirational Pictures" by Elena Chereshnya will help you to comprehend enlightenment and find answers to the most intimate questions. Open all the colors of your "I" and find the harmony in yourself!
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