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Ellis Seal


Ellis loves figuring out how things work – and has since childhood.  This has served him well in multiple engineering endeavors as well as in life.  His search for wisdom and a better understanding of how life works led him to write this book.
Ellis has been truly blessed to have a beautiful, wonderful wife, and three incredible children, and a great, enthusiastic Golden Retriever.
Ellis has worked in aerospace, where he managed programs and received multiple patents including those for a high temperature nosecone, an ultra light satellite tank.  He also founded, developed and patented the technology, and designed the instruments for Composite Acoustics, a carbon fiber acoustic guitar company.  He is currently a product development engineer developing new technology and designs for musical instruments.

Books by Ellis Seal

Happiness, Success, Peace and Purpose: A True Path by Ellis Seal. Book cover
You get from life what you have prepared to receive. A truly incredible life awaits you if you choose to prepare for it. You can vanquish stress, worry, fear, insecurity, depression, anxiety, sadness, pessimism, and hopelessness. You can fill your life with happiness, peace, confidence, optimism, hope, love, and contentment. You can experience success every day, be inspired and motivated by your accomplishments, and consistently advance towards your goals and dreams.
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