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Elyatha Eli


Elyatha Eli’s passion for books, paranormal romance and fantasy stories began at thirteen. While other children feared vampires, werewolves, even elves and other mythical creatures, Elyatha spent her free time creating fictional characters and alternative worlds.

Her stories are based on supernatural dreams with magical beings (and often dark romance between vampires). Elyatha believes that stories run through her blood to inspire other dreamers to be who they are deep within their core. She believes that every tale has a purpose, and if it falls into your hands—it is meant for YOU.

Elyatha Eli writes stories with passion and hopes to inspire your imagination with magic, unconditional love (either it’s about friendship, straight couples, LGBT+, polyamory or mythical creatures). Her goal is to give you a key to a fantasy world and let you escape reality. Enjoy stories written from the heart.

Books by Elyatha Eli

Klemondion: Elven Clans by Elyatha Eli. Book cover
A young Oracle is elected to look after the White Garden, and he must protect its students from the demonic beasts—Klemondions. Yet, he arrives with a mysterious guard full of dark secrets. Vengeance, hunger and power are what taint her blood. Amdrovens, Pures and Klemondions have hated each other for centuries, but when Kim, Evelyn and Tyler meet after the Oracle’s prophecies, the roots of their beliefs get shattered.
Fiction > Fantasy