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Eugene Minin


Metaphysics, adventures, dystopia and satire fantasy are my obsessions. The world of writing for me stands on two pillars: To create worlds where coin lands on its edge. "Ifs" of an ordinary life or places fantastic. Both work as a driver for many authors working with fiction.
My way started long ago searching for what I could call my place. Starting as a programmer to become a game designer, switching to screenplay writing for comics, TV series and full motion picture. This track led me to the world of book writing. So many "ifs" I want to search answers for, so many coins I want to toss, and I do will to share the experience with the reader.

Books by Eugene Minin

Monoland: Into the Gray Horizon - Book cover
Monoland is not heaven or hell. It’s a place somewhere in between. The World with no colors, but full of possibilities. Events that are changing the perception and paradigm of existence for ones who step into this plane. The monochrome world where newcomers break bonds with past life, apprentices study the crafts of three factions working for the good of Grey and Colored worlds.
Fiction > Fantasy