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Fabio Menner


Fabio Menner, an expert in crypto investments and a very successful networker himself, lives a life of freedom at only 24 years old and has built a reputation as THE network marketing guru in the German-speaking world. He has already generated over 30 million dollars in sales in his still young career

In his industry, he is one of the most recognizable faces and this despite the fact that he started his independent journey as a networker only 3 years ago. Today he lives in Dubai and has proven to have introduced over 10,000 people to the crypto market and started making money in the last 3 years.

He has been successful in picking up his customers and partners through social media. With his free podcast "Reich durch Network Marketing", he shares insights into the network marketing and cryptocurrency journey, making the scene more reputable. His marketing expertise has also been recognized by Erfolg Magazine with the award of Top Expert in Viral Marketing.

An interview with him was published on Wallstreet-online, which went VIRAL after a very short time with over 30,000 views.

Today Fabio is co-founder of a crypto startup as well as founder of the networker coaching of Focus Eleven GmbH.

Books by Fabio Menner

Fabio Menner's Crypto Guide - Book cover
In dieser Fachliteratur erklärt Fabio Menner dir, wie du erfolgreich und langfristig in den Krypto Markt investieren kannst. Hier findest du deine Antworten zu diversen Fragen, die du dir stellen solltest, bevor du in den immer mehr wachsenden Krypto Markt einsteigen möchtest. Du findest exklusive Tipps, sowie eine von ihm ins Leben gerufene Strategie welche bis jetzt 10.000+ Kunden erfolgreich in den Krypto Markt eingeführt hat.
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