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Florian Bushy


When Florian Bushy visited the ECO-92 - Earth Summit in June of 1992, his environmentalist side flourished. Since then, he has written books, produced more than 100 short documentaries for schools and sorted his rubbish at home for recycling, trying to make a difference on this planet. Florian Bushy wants to show to the kids that environmental protection, friendship and mutual respect can change the future of their home, called Earth.

Books by Florian Bushy

Living Green and the smoke by Florian Bushy. Book cover
At the beginning of time, the planet was so pure and clean. This allowed all the plants to walk around like people! If you listened carefully you could even hear their hearts beating! One day, when our heroes Mrs Florence and Mr Florian met for their daily chat, the forest was dark, hot and full of smoke and black dust. Where was that pollution coming from?
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