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Twenty two year old aspiring writer. I love coming up with stories on my free time, they are a figment of my imagination but mean the world to me. Without writing, I don't know what I would do. I'm constantly inspired by the world around me and the dreams that lead me to write the novels that I do.

Books by Francheska

I'm only Human by Francheska. Book cover
Sora is a small time actress working hard towards her ticket to freedom, a place away from her parent’s endless arguments and fights. Living a life of solitude, she hides behind the darkness of her past and in a world where nothing can hurt her, again. When her father suddenly disappears, the world she’s tried hard to balance comes crashing down, tossing her into the arms of Lee, the freakishly handsome but audacious singer. The man takes her breath away with once glance and sends her heart racing against every barrier in her chest...
Fiction > Women's Fiction