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Gabriel Kullos


In recovery from state kidnapping and institutionalization, and a few diagnosed mental disabilities. Grown up with the best maternal love and creates personality that reflects her gentleness, and compassion. “I never thought I was going to be a writer, but never the less, I picked up the pen six years ago without an inkling of what the literary arts entails, but compelled to expel my genius, I plowed through it” and the plan even displays very private and personal information. If it's good or not, it's finished.

Books by Gabriel Kullos

Hand Over the Global Empires and the World Goes Free by Gabriel Kullos. Book cover
Discover radical philosophy, know coordinates of real buried treasure, very private and personal information (not-erotica), The outline of strategies and tactics enables you to acquire the most money in the world, leveraging each power and influence in industries, with stuff like: the address of buried treasure, social movement and political campaigns, preliminary of 3rd Generation human rights, the means of rightfully putting an end to poverty, hunger, and slavery.
Non Fiction > Politics & Social Sciences