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Gillbert Troll


Gillbert Troll is a Book-Troll. He is tall, dark, and trolly. He has an MSc in Business and a doctorate in Dragon Mythology.

He loves to cook, sail, visit new countries and planets, and discuss business strategies in his free time. He also has a beautiful wife and many lively and cute children, so he does not have any free time.

Books by Gillbert Troll

Gateworlds Earth - Athanator by Gillbert Troll. Book 1. Book cover
Earth is in (im)mortal danger. Only one man can help. One man and a chicken. When a smug but mighty talking tree asks him to retrieve one of the rune crystals of the Multiverse Gate Earth, John Zelm "Athanator" decides against his better judgment that he will do as he is told and recover the guard rune to save the planet. As the balance of the multiverse itself might be at risk, he is helped by powerful allies such as a chicken and a platypusbear.
Fiction > Fantasy