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H.G. Suren


Born and raised in California, USA, H.G. Suren has been interested in mystery and fantasy stories and movies from an early age. In the books and short stories he creates, there is always an unpredictable mystery.

He is, first and foremost, a devoted husband and a proud father. He also enjoys travel and playing football. He spent eight years working as a mechanical engineer before publishing his first book.

His debut novel, Alignment: The Silent City, is the first book in Alignment series. It had over 10000 downloads on Amazon in the first month. The book also is featured on Wattpad and has a big audience of readers.

He recently released his second book--Alignment:The Locked City.

Suren is currently working on his new novel.

Books by H.G. Suren

Alignment: The Silent City (book) by H.G. Suren
Five friends wake up to discover they are left alone on earth--the rest of humanity is gone. Empty streets are littered with stalled-out cars, buses, and motorcycles. A sunless and moonless sky is covered with an enormous barrier that prevents any view of the heavens.