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Iveta Ongley


Iveta Ongley was born in the Czech Republic and as a child loved pretending being a teacher, only to grow up to become one. Her love of reading was enticed by her dad, who would spend uncountable hours with his nose buried in books.

After meeting her husband when working in New Zealand, she settled in the beautiful country. They live in Auckland with their two daughters and two cats. She finds inspiration for her books in her children but they are also the greatest and most gorgeous distraction from writing.

Books by Iveta Ongley

Little Monster's Book of Feelings by Iveta Ongley. Book cover
Little Monster is getting ready to enjoy her day, the Sun is shining, birds are singing, it's the perfect day to play. But dear oh dear, her tummy goes topsy turvy after swinging, she crashes her bike and loses her ball. Just like with every little person, these events change her mood drastically. Will she be able to regain the happiness she felt in the morning, or will her day end up in bitter tears?
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