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J. Kent Messum


J. Kent Messum was born in Toronto in 1979, the product of a merger between a Cockney Lad and a Geordie Lass that resulted in a typical Aries, who came out of the delivery room with a chip on his shoulder and an overactive imagination.

Jamie graduated from York University’s Fine Arts Program and has worked as a session musician, freelance writer, producer, internet radio station disc jockey, bartender, office gopher, music teacher, movie grip, laborer, contractor, and a few other things he’d rather not admit. A glutton for punishment, Jamie has been involved heavily in both the music business and film business for well over a decade. He writes incessantly, putting on paper as many stories and ideas as his time will allow. The literary business is a welcome change, since he writes as if his life depended on it anyway.

Jamie’s debut novel, Bait, a dark psychological thriller about a group of strangers who find themselves stranded on a deserted island, was published in the US and Canada August 27 2013, and by Penguin UK September 13 2013. Publishing rights have also been acquired in Brazil, Czech Republic, Greece, and Bulgaria. His follow up novel, Husk, a serial killer thriller, will be published by Penguin UK on July 30 2015.

Books by J. Kent Messum

Husk by J. Kent Messum. Book cover
It’s the all too near future, and eternal life is a commodity only available to the ultra-rich. Billionaires pay top dollar to exist forever in a virtual world once their bodies have failed them. But this first foray into immortality is not all it’s cracked up to be. The computerized afterlife leaves the immortal hollow and unfulfilled.
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