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Jacob Hinsvark


My name is Jacob Alexander Hinsvark, but most people call me Alex. I was born in 1994, in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon.

I grew up watching mostly comedy on television, and reading a lot of fantasy books. My dream was to make an animated web series, but I'm not much of an artist; so, I turned my idea into a book, and thus you have Wizardrous!

My sense of humor is fairly twisted, so my writing isn't for the faint of heart. My focus is to make fantasy more accessible to adults, particularly those who want a good laugh. I'll be blunt: I like writing about terrible people. It's not that I think people are bad, or that I necessarily agree with my characters about anything; the fact is, quite simply, that terrible people are hilarious. There's nothing funnier than complete degenerates ruining each others' lives (as long as they're fictitious, that is to say). My goal is nothing more than to entertain you and make you laugh, so please don't take anything I write too seriously.

Books by Jacob Hinsvark

Wizardrous - Book cover
A series of absurd pitfalls plague the already clouded mind of the drunkest wizard in the kingdom formerly known as Camelot. Fueled by drink and fearing the loss of his tenuously maintained career, the man known the most simply as The Wizard decides his best option is to plan an elaborate heist on the Circle of Magic's vault. However, when he sets his poorly laid plans into action, he discovers a sinister conspiracy rooted deep in the history of the land.
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