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Jason Daniels


Jason Daniels grew up in Eastern Kentucky and came of age in the Bluegrass region of Central Kentucky, where he developed a love for antiques, historic buildings, and the arts. He started dreaming of becoming a professional writer in 7th grade. While in high school, he was chosen out of thousands of kids to attend Governor's School for the Arts in creative writing. He attended Eastern Kentucky University where he got his BFA in photography. After college, he began writing his first novel.

Books by Jason Daniels

The Preservationists - Book cover
When teenage fraternal twins Daniel and Dustin lose their mother during their senior year of high school, their life journeys split apart. Daniel moves off to a distant city full of romance and history, seeking a new start and finding unusual allies, including his challenging and highly accomplished new boss. He also meets a young viola player, who helps him explore the world around him, and with each new adventure captures another piece of his heart.
Fiction > Romance