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J.D. Stonebridge


For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to and fascinated by the out of ordinary, out of this world, supernatural and science fiction.

Writing has been a creative outlet to express my imagination, and my passion to create.

It is my hope that you enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoy writing them.

For more information about my books and to get updates about any new releases, please visit my Facebook page.

Books by J.D. Stonebridge

The Unlocked - Book cover
A childless couple, Sarah and Carl Hartley, become witnesses to a car accident along Pilgrims Highway. As the baby girl who they pulled out from the burning car grows up, they learn that little Charlene 'Charlie' Hartley is more special than they expected. From a very young age, Charlie developed a surprising ability to move items without touch. Seventeen years later, Charlie was already on her way to Harvard when she encounters an incident forcing her to use her hidden telekinetic powers.
Fiction > Fantasy