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Jean Jeffers


Jean is an RN with an MSN from the University of Cincinnati. She is a writer who has just completed a novel entitled , "Journey Toward Healing." She has a chapter in an anthology entitled "Many Roads Taken" (2012 ;published by Losantiville Society of Writers. Jean does freelance writing and has been published in several magazines including "Today's Christian in the Mature Years" and "Diabetes Health." She is a staff writer with two sister ;publications, "Living Well 60plus" and "Health & Wellness" Magazine.
In 2009, after retiring from nursing, Jean took a course in The Craft of Magazine Writing online, where she met her mentor of many years, Eva Shaw. Eva is a prolific writer and a favorite instructor to many on the online ED2GO series, in creative writing and publishing. Jean also began taking courses in writing and publishing from UC's "Communiversity" from Wendy Beckman. Jean soon became a member of a new writers' support group headed by Wendy Beckman, a prolific writer herself whose ninth book, "The 8 Wonders of Cincinnati" was published by The History Press/Arcadia (2017).
Jean's labor of love over the past six years was her novel "Journey Toward Healing," which is being published on Amazon. Currently, Jean is writing a sequel to this work entitled "Journey Toward Freedom."
Jean lives in Mt.Washington Ohio, and attends Guardian Angels Parish. She and her companion, Mike, are part of a Saturday Morning Prayer Breakfast Group that meets at different parishioners' homes in the area. Jean has a fondness for cats and books.

Books by Jean Jeffers

Journey Toward Healing by Jean Jeffers. Book cover
"Journey Toward Healing" is a mystery story, a light romance and a book of inspiration with a Christian message. This powerful narrative reflects Benedicta' journey, that of a strong single woman, challenged to become healthy again and assist her sister, Brie, to recover from a mental illness. At the same time, Benedicta must go up against an evil assailant bent on the destruction of the two sisters.
Non Fiction > Inspirational