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Jedidah Morley


I am a music teacher, wife and mother of 3. While on maternity leave, I decided to have a go at writing a picture book. I love reading to my children and I thought it might be fun to read something that I had written to them. That has been the best part of this writing process. I love the delight in my children's faces when I read 'Mummy's book' and how they want me to read the dedication to them over and over again. Priceless!

Books by Jedidah Morley

The Best Birthday Cake In The World by Jedidah Morley. Book cover
My book is about a mum who isn't very good in the kitchen. In all honesty, I guess I modeled this mum on myself. I've never been particularly good in the kitchen and have often set off the smoke alarm or served things to my family for dinner that our dogs wouldn't even touch. In the story her daughter, Ruby, finds a picture of the perfect birthday cake to take to school. Once again, this event was modeled on real life. I wonder if any other mums out there curse those 'Women's Day' birthday cake cook books.
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