Jennie Taylor


Jennie Taylor grew up in a small rural town, always dreaming of being a writer. She enjoys listening to music, writing, painting, photography, and spending time with her lovely wife. This is her first foray into publishing her work. She hopes to continue publishing in the future; she has many novels in the works. While she's not enjoying her creative pursuits or working at her day job, she can be found watching Pokemon reruns, Project Runway, American Idol, and Korean dramas.

Books by Jennie Taylor

Betrayal by Jennie Taylor. Book cover
The Venator Inmortuorum, a secret agency whose goal it is to eliminate all vampires, sends Brynne and Jessica-- the only exceptions to this rule-- to a city to investigate a new threat. Young people have been showing up dead with no obvious injuries, but the VI suspect a vampire.
Fiction > Fantasy
Becca - Book Cover
Becca is a typical high school girl, except she's in love with her best friend, Natasha. But as she struggles with whether to tell Natasha her true feelings for her, the U.S. is attacked. The weapons used spread a fog which kills most, and leaves infected survivors as zombie-like monsters who crave blood. The attack spreads quickly, threatening the entire country, in a matter of hours. To keep them safe, Becca’s father charges her with getting her little sister, Bridget, Bridget’s friends, and Tasha to the Colorado mountains while he and Becca’s mother go to help other family members to safety.