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J.J. Angel


J.J. is a lover of scifi monsters, digital art, space music, and strange paranormal happenings. Writing the Legends of Potentia series has been a dream of his for a while and he's thankful he gets to share it with others. He has a wide Universe for Potentia to explore and is ready to enchant minds for the dangerous adventure.

When J.J. isn't writing, he's studying, reliving those youthful days of reading, watching scifi/fantasy action films and brainstorming on new stories to write.

Books by J.J. Angel

Legends of Potentia Umbras (book) by J.J. Angel
Legends of Potentia is a book series that blends scifi and fantasy into an immersive tale of aliens, monsters and magic. Umbras is the first Arc that kicks off with appearance of a dangerous entity from space that accidentally enters Earth.