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JJ Johnson


John J. Johnson was born in 1970 in the Pacific Northwest, educated in the Southeast and resides on Colorado's Front Range. He can usually be found in or near mountains, rivers, woods, trails, books and Colorado craft beer. He seems to think that philosophical conversations are still cool and that dogs should have at least the same life spans as humans. He is comfortable being mismatched with such a beautiful woman living and recreating in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. This is his first book and he doesn't expect a Pulitzer but he does mean to provoke thinking.

Books by JJ Johnson

Army of the Dog - Book cover
A mostly irreverent, sometimes vulgar, but deadly serious story of pranking philosophers and their canine companions. Based on the rarely told documented true stories of the characters depicted in Raphael’s 1511 painting The School of Athens, re-live a semester in the lives of the mischief-makers and the artist. Set in the modern context of the University of Colorado (CU) in the Republic of Boulder, student Will Fiedler falls in with Houndman (Antisthenes) and Dowg (Diogenes) who recruit him and his classmates Ben Blair and Aldo Pierce into the secret society the Army of the Dog.
Fiction > Action & Adventure