JL Devereaux


JL Devereaux is an up and coming independent author of erotic fantasy romance books perfect for those looking for good solid stories and characters you can't ignore, with just the right helping of steaming-hot erotica for the discerning reader.

At times, JL is a wedding photographer; other times, a sex-crazed muse takes over. JL lives in Cape Town with Gismo, a loyal German shepherd, and many beautiful hiking trails, which dog loves as much as owner. JL’s interests include rock climbing, hiking, reading, writing, socialising with friends, animals in general, various fighting arts and anything erotic.

JL is dedicated to the craft of writing and aims to continue to grow as a writer. Part of growing as a writer entails listening to your readers’ likes and dislikes, if you have anything you would like to say, JL answers all emails personally.

Books by JL Devereaux

Solo (book cover)
When Alicia goes out for an anti-Valentine’s Day night with her friends, the last thing she expects is to fall under the spell of an enigmatic stranger whose dark eyes excite her and send nervous shivers down her spine.
Fiction > Romance
Masked Scent (book cover)
Her face and vampire scent masked, Lexii Schofield attends one of her best friend’s infamous ‘masked erotic parties’… for the first time. Lexii doesn’t know why she agreed to come, as she’s never been interested in ...
Fiction > Romance
The Imposition (book) by JL Devereaux
She came into his office unstoppable, uninvited and ravenous. She knew what she wanted and he didn’t attempt to stop her. What man in his right mind would willfully end such agreeable torture?
Bliss (book) by JL Devereaux
Sam wakes up naked in a strange room on red satin sheets. She’s not in her own bed, and the beautiful blonde woman – also naked – sleeping next to her is a stranger whose face or name she cannot recall. Has she actually been intimate with another woman?
Fiction > Romance