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Joanne Rolston


Joanne is a 5th generation New Zealander of mixed English and German descent. Her childhood was spent on a dairy farm near Napier and a sheep farm near Wanganui.
A computer technician and business owner, Jo's professional interests are in Information Technology and Small Business.
She has a Diploma of Business as well as IT qualifications gained in NZ, Australia and the U.S.
She is a mother of two grown children, and has a passion for writing.
Joanne likes travel, reading, day tramps in National parks, and playing games of 500 with the local community on Wednesday nights.

Books by Joanne Rolston

The Kingdom, Here Be Dragons, Here Be Dreams (book) by Joanne Rolston
This inspirational story is a chronicle of how God guided Joanna through a hidden Kingdom. The events are based on real life. Although the Kingdom is hidden, the words and actions of the King are real. It's a good old 'good versus evil' story.
Non Fiction > Religion and Spirituality