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Jodi Sykes


Jodi Sykes is a freelance writer, author of Rhyming Activities for Beginning Readers (T.S. Denison & Co.) and I am Special – The Power is in ME! ( - a website content editor, proofreader, and daily blogger.

Her memoir, Living La Vida (Lymphoma) was published (Amazon,com) in 2013. Jodi resides in St. Augustine, Florida, and is a member of Florida Writer’s Association and the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She is available for interviews and lectures.

Books by Jodi Sykes

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"Miss Jodi" Sykes was a former Early Childhood Educator who realized the importance of using guided meditation in her classroom - from a five minute filler to a way for the children to transition into a peaceful naptime, it was a valuable way for children learn how to connect to their inner selves and focus on relaxation.
Fiction > Children
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In 1965, the author moved into a house on Pancake Hill. Jodi Sykes discovered her ability to communicate with the dearly departed at the age of three. Throughout her childhood, she was visited on an almost a nightly basis from the world of Spirit. The House on Pancake Hill chronicles her journey of shielding her abilities from her friends and family, to suppressing them completely over the course of twenty years.
Non Fiction > Politics & Social Sciences
Living La Vida (Lymphoma) by Jodi Sykes. Book cover
"I think you have Lymphoma..." In 2009, Jodi Sykes' world spun out of control. With compassion and a sometimes twisted sense of humor, Jodi takes her readers on a Lymphoma journey that includes some childhood memories and snippets of sentimental vignettes. She offers candid looks into her treatment and life after the diagnosis.
Non Fiction > Health, Fitness & Diet