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John C White


JOHN C WHITE, host of the podcast, Stories of the Revolution, is a spiritual entrepreneur and Co-founder of LK10 whose vision is to see “Vibrant families of Jesus in easy access of every person in every region and people group on earth.”

As a graduate of Washington and Lee University (BA in Sociology) and Fuller Seminary (MDiv), John went on to serve for 25 years as an ordained Presbyterian pastor (EPC) in Denver, CO. In 1998, the Lord moved him out of the institutional church world and into the fledgling world of house churches where he served as a house-church coach and US Coordinator with DAWN Ministries for six years.

In LK10, John designed both Church 101 and Leader 101 which, as of 2019, have been responsible for training more than 5000 people in 30 countries. John currently trains, coaches, and facilitates this training through live video calls connecting with leaders around the world.

John and his wife, Tamela, enjoy their three grandkids, playing tennis, and eating the delicious Albanian food Tamela cooks. Leaving their long-loved home in Denver, CO, they recently moved to Naples, FL to enjoy warm weather and family. They will however, still be rooting for the Denver Broncos! John can be reached through his podcast Stories of the Revolution.

Joy Fueled - Book cover
Are done with a life of mediocrity, laden with guilt about who you are and how you live? Or maybe you have given your all out there in the arena and are in need of healing and nourshment so that you can get back out there. No matter where you are in between, Joy Fueled: Catalyzing a Revolution of Joyful Communities will inspire you, free you, and give you practical tools to help you replace duty with desire!