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John Gorman


John’s stories have appeared in over 50 journals worldwide. He mostly writes Sci-Fi/Fantasy Adventure. He is the creator and author of the Coming of Age Epic Fantasy (Nebilon Series). He is the author of the novels The Acolyte And The Amulet, Quest For The Hope Box, Beyond The Vicious Vortex, Shades of Luz, and Disposable Heroes. Currently, he is working on the 4th book of his Nebilon Series.

John lives in Astoria, NY with his wife and daughter. He earned his MFA in Creative Writing at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon.

Books by John Gorman

Quest For the Hope Box by John Gorman. Book cover
A giant blue egg has everybody talking in the Archmage Harberk's castle. After it hatches, a baby dragon pops out and creates a heap of problems, forcing the Archmage to call upon Luma to help him out again. Soon Luma begins to have strange visions and is drawn to a mystical Hope Box that has been dormant for more than a century. With the help of an unseasoned crew of rookie adventures, she must guide her party on a quest riddled with mishaps and chicanery.
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