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John K McLaughlin


John McLaughlin spent half his life bootstrapping his start-up business to an industry leader. His desire to teach what he spent his career learning led him on a remarkable journey through the gates of a minimum-security prison where he taught entrepreneurship for almost three years. John has an MBA, a teaching certificate, and a marketing management certificate from Harvard Extension University. John enjoys riding a tandem bicycle with his wonderful wife, Reba on the greenways of Charlotte, North Carolina where they live with two extremely spoiled cats, Moe and Joe. You can learn more about John’s current teaching program at:

Books by John K McLaughlin

Lifeline to a Soul (book) by John K McLaughlin | Educator Memoir
Having built a successful company from scratch, author John McLaughlin decided that he wanted to teach others how to do the same. In his fifties and with no teaching experience, his only job offer was at a minimum-security prison camp. Having no experience with prisons or the incarcerated, McLaughlin told his first class on his first day, “I am going to learn a lot more from you than you could possibly learn from me.” John takes the reader along on his journey to discover a system that, by design, dehumanizes its denizens and heavily discriminates against race and income level.
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