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John Manouelian


John Manouelian is an accidental novelist at best; and this is his very first effort. Writing a novel never entered his mind until he had written and recorded an eleven-song rock opera of the same name. Spurred on by a couple of music listeners who suggested that he put the rock opera story to print, he finally got around to doing so, albeit many years later. He certainly hopes that everyone who reads the story will find it to be heartfelt, humorous, enjoyable, and memorable.

Before writing this novel, John spent many years working in the field of Information Technology at the U.S. Department of Energy and other Federal agencies as well. He lives in Maryland with his wife and family. And he enjoys playing guitar and writing, performing, and recording music in his spare time.

Books by John Manouelian

Casting Couch Boogie: A Rock Opera Novel by John Manouelian. Book cover
After winning a beauty contest with the grand prize of a Hollywood screen test, recent high school graduate, Misty Spring, sets out to LA from Washington, D.C., with a classmate. There is a major car breakdown, adventure, and danger on the way. Misty’s screen test is a disaster. But undaunted, she and her friend toil to make the big time on their own terms. However, competition is fierce and success elusive in this coming-of-age adventure.
Fiction > Coming of Age