Julie Bower


Julia Bower is a US-based author of cookbooks and a big food enthusiast who believes that following a healthy diet doesn’t mean giving up on taste. Her most recent work, titled “Air Fryer Healthy Cookbook,” perfectly encompasses Julia’s mission of making healthy eating accessible for cooks of all skill levels. In the near future, the author plans on releasing a series of health-conscious cookbooks based on popular diets like Keto, Mediterranean, and many others.

When looking for culinary inspiration, Julia finds innovative ways of using different kitchenware for her recipes, often having her two children involved in the cooking and baking process. She says that nurturing the love of cooking in her children allows them to not only grow closer but also teaches them invaluable skills. In her spare time, Julia enjoys long walks in the park with her family and their dog Max or exploring exotic cuisines during her travels.

Books by Julie Bower

Air Fryer Low Carb Cookbook by Julie Bower. 75 Simple Recipes to Support Your Diet and Stay Healthy. Book cover
Ever thought of making meals that are both delicious and have great nutrition values? Curious to know if it is possible to prepare healthy meals with the Air Fryer? Did you know that the air fryer could turn out to be your best kitchen companion? If any of these questions resonate with you, then this Air Fryer Healthy Cookbook may just be your solution! In this guide, you will find a collection of healthy, low-carb recipes that you can prepare with Air Fryer.
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