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Kata Ksandrova


Kata Ksandrova is a schoolteacher, writer, poetess and big dreamer. She was a passionate reader as a kid and wrote her first short novel at the age of 15. Kata loves to work with children and to create funny rhymes and inspirational stories for them. She believes the magic of imagination will help kids be positive, dream big and not be afraid to take chances to make their dreams come true.
When Kata is not writing or teaching, she enjoys reading, playing with her cat, spending time in the open air and travelling. She also likes to do sports and to swim.

Books by Kata Ksandrova

The Dragons of Cradle - Book cover
Is it possible that your most cherished dream becomes a reality? Even if you want to find a dragon and become his friend, the main thing is to believe that you will definitely achieve your goal. Thus did our main hero, Enoch. Since his early childhood, Enoch has followed his heart and suddenly he finds a true friend – the Dragon – and discovers a mysterious world. Adventures, dangers and miracles await for him in this magic world.
Fiction > Children