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K.B. Ish


"What do a cat, a dog, marine fish, a chinchilla and a live clam have in common?
They are all pets who lived and shared stories with K.B. (Kaby) and her son!"

It all began on a Friday dawn.
1966: A curious girl was born. She fell in love with berry pies—her grandma baked the most delicious ones! And then she fell in love with school. Every day after school, she seated her stuffed animals around and began telling them all the magical things she learned that day. Together, they traveled into the imaginary Land of Berry Pies to go on science adventures. The girl grew up, had a family and made adventures real. The pets, the challenges, the travels, the science. She moved her family to Canada – her real Land of Berry Pies.

Kaby lives in Canada, she writes, she draws, she dreams.

She loves to cat-sit real Louey, the large, wise and loving cat of her son and daughter-in-law.

And berry pies are always there—the symbol of warmth, family and sharing!
Image: Photography TMM © K.B. Ish 2021

Books by K.B. Ish

Cloud-Named-Chloe and Her Cat Louey by K.B. Ish. Children Science Fiction. Book cover
The Cat Who Taught the Cloud. "As the morning sun tickled Chloe, she laughed and floated out of her bed. “Hey, Louey, what shape should I be today?” she asked, bouncing up and down in front of a full-length mirror.” And so begins the story of Cloud-Named-Chloe and her loving guardian cat, Louey. Among green hills and sweet lilacs, they find a grand adventure—to create an unusual gift that has never existed.
Fiction > Children