Keith Philips


Keith Philips grew up when science was magic and the future was as great as your imagination. As much as he loved the Harry Potter series, Philips wanted to write a young adult/children's series that showed what could be possible with technology and your imagination, and not based on magic.

Keith takes his experience as a computer and internet specialist, and his love of telling stories to his (now grown) children to craft the series he wanted to read when he was a kid.

Books by Keith Philips

Max Powers and Project Gemini by Keith Philips. Imaginative science fiction. Book cover
When Max Powers arrives at Scientopia to attend the Summer Genius Program, he discovers he mysteriously has unrestricted access to the amusement park and it's secrets. Max accidentally discovers the previous owner the park hid a powerful new technology, called "Project Gemini," somewhere in the park. Soon, a dangerous stranger arrives, intent on using Max to find it!
Fiction > Children