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Kellie Steele


I started writing under a year ago (June 2015) and currently have two books out. I have started writing my third and have characters from my next series shouting at me to tell their stories too! Being employed full time makes it hard to get my work out and advertise it, but so far the White Ghost series is doing well. It has a steady but slow stream of readers, and a high rating with no reviews under 4* as yet.

I myself live in Harrogate, a small town in North Yorkshire England. I have lived in the area all my life (all 21 years of it) and I quite enjoy it. Harrogate is close to countryside, in fact there is country everywhere you look. I think this has probably influenced me in writing the White Ghost series as it is all based in the outdoors. I have always had a love of nature and animals, and this shows in my first novel. Arella (the main character in the White Ghost series) is a little bit like myself. I am an albino (its complicated but just so you know) and Arella is an albino of sorts herself.

I work as an administrator full time, which I guess helps me in writing as it's my job in the first place. The interesting thing about me, other than the albinism, is that I am partially sighted.

Books by Kellie Steele

White Ghost and the Poison Arrow (book) by Kellie Steele
Arella is an outcast in her tribe, white skinned and silver haired, bright purple eyes and a strong will, while the others are dark skinned and passive. She longs to be free of the chains of society, but does not realize the dangers of this.
Fiction > Fantasy