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Kenneth Allen Crutchfield Sr.


Kenneth Allen Crutchfield, Sr. was born on the south side of Chicago into a family of musicians.

During his formative years he worked as a professional drummer in Chicago then traveled globally after finishing high school. He received a Bachelors degree from the University of Southern California and a Masters degree from Queens College (CUNY) in New York City, both in music. He has written several plays, The Great Kickin'dog, Balloon on a String and Lorna's L'Elegant Lounge; two musicals, All God's Saints Go To Heaven-Not and Bones Brothers Brothel. All were produced in New York City as well as nationally.

Ken is also a writer of prose and pens poetry as well. The 'Great' Kickin'dog' is his first novel, loosely based on his family.

Books by Kenneth Allen Crutchfield Sr.

The 'GREAT' Kickin'dog - Book cover
Ex musician, assembly line worker and alcoholic, John Coleman Sr. is a man with deferred and shattered dreams. Living in a Chicago housing project during the 60’s he is a father raising his eight-member family; four girls, two musical prodigy boys and a mentally unstable wife, in a drug, gang and gun infested environment among households with absent dads. During a competitive time of young musical prodigies, he fights for a pathway out of the projects through his talented sons.
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