Kerry Girling

Author, Photographer, Motivational Speaker

United States


Kerry Girling is a motivational speaker, author and film producer. Early in life he discovered an intense passion for inspiring youth. At the pinnacle of his career Kerry was faced with a life altering experience—an early life crisis. While going through a divorce that shattered his confidence, his business took the same downward spiral. He speaks in-depth about the obstacles he faced that led him to his breaking point. Kerry brings you on a spiritual journey of forgiveness and acceptance while sharing the most pivotal answers to finding happiness in all areas of life. 
Reliving his most heartfelt memories from the past three decades, Kerry learns to understand himself on an entirely new level of conscious; spiritually and mentally. His memories serve as inspiration to move forward in life through forgiveness. His spiritual transformation serves as a life coach to finding happiness.

Books by Kerry Girling

The first Chapter by Kerry Girling - Book cover.