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Kevin Kendall


Kevin Kendall is a self educated, ex-computer programmer, and lives in the UK. He believes passionately in freedom of expression, and understands the very real concerns that are created by excesses of power. He enjoys reading and learning about a wide variety of subjects, and loves to look far beyond the sugar coated surface of the mainstream world. He has several theoretical hobbies, but the dual constraints of time and money mean that these usually never go beyond the planning stage. With his writing, he hopes to wake people up to the darkness gathering its forces just outside of our comfort zones.

Books by Kevin Kendall

Advertise This! by Kevin Kendall. Book cover
Take a journey through the murky world of mobile app development. Advertise This! is a colourful account of the harsh realities faced by the individual in a world dominated by corporate power. Based on the author’s own experience of seeking to find a foothold in the mobile games industry, a foothold which was then taken away and denied for no good reason, the insights and conclusions reached apply equally to the wider digital world, and have very real implications for society in general.
Non Fiction > Technology