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Kevin "Kevo" Aregbe was born Houston Tx, 1987. A troubled childhood without parents led to a life of crime and brief jail time. After facing an aggravated robbery charge, he was shot and started to slow his life down. He fought the reality of the street life and began tattooing. He became a successful tattoo artist in the South Region of The U.S nation, and began doing speeches and writing audio books. His story also made Fox News and can be viewed via YouTube: (Kevo on Fox News) "From Inmate to Entrepreneur". Kevo has changed his life and has become a valuable inspirational person.

Books by Kevo

Reality Is Wrong (book) by Kevin "Kevo" Aregbe
Kevo explains the corruption that Government, Religion, and Education has caused on society. He defines reality as what it "really is", and gives a great mind opening example on how to identify the lies reality tells us all. The book is broke into 7 segments, and he begins each segment with an inspirational quote.
Non Fiction > Religion and Spirituality