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L.A. Smith


L.A. Smith is a child advocate, author, internet radio producer & host of The Whole Issue.

Books by L.A. Smith

The Road to the Registry by L.A. Smith. Book cover
Since 2015, two women from Clinton County, Pennsylvania want to see the state’s child abuse registry be no longer private and are fighting to open it just as the sex offenders’ registry is for the public under Megan’s Law. Donna M. Kshir and Lee 'Cougardawn' Roberts, both grandmothers, want people to be able to search offenders by name and location. The grandmothers are seeking legislation to become law that would require the State Police to open the current private computerized database of individuals convicted of child abuse offenses in the state, including their name, date of birth, the tier of the crime, and the location the crime took place which is often needed to find court records.
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