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Lillian Bishop and Constance Williams


Lillian Bishop and Constance Williams have been writing together for over ten years now. Until now, their audience has been friends and family, and their writing has been purely for pleasure. They both believe that that is what is should be about - after all, if you don't enjoy writing, how can you expect anyone to enjoy reading what you have written.

Unusually, Lillian and Constance do not live near each other. In fact, they live in entirely different countries. Lillian is American, Constance is British. Their writing partnership began when they were introduced through a mutual friend, and they discovered that they shared a love of the written word, a passion for crafting stories, and a compatible style. Now they are mostly found online - at very odd times of the day and night!

Books by Lillian Bishop and Constance Williams

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Everyone loves a good mystery - and Sam Gardener is certainly one of those. Abruptly pulled from school years before, nobody has seen or heard from him since - until now. Returning to high school for his senior year, he is not the same friendly boy his classmates remember, and the rumors are flying.
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