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Luna Threepwood


A young novelist from Canada, Luna spent her life daydreaming before finally deciding to put those daydreams onto paper. Her hope is that there will be something for everyone in each one of her books, whether it be something a simple as an escape from the stresses of the world or something bigger, like a lesson to be learned from one of the characters she has created. At the end of the day, if her silly daydreams can bring a shred of joy to someone's life, then she feels as though she has accomplished her goals.

Books by Luna Threepwood

The Sweetheart Chronicles by Luna Threepwood. A Romance Novel. Book cover
Sydney Offbeck is your average, introverted 21-year-old girl. She's a college student, she has only one close friend, and her dad is the CEO of an adult film empire. Wait-- what? Okay, so maybe not everything about her is average, but Sydney tries to ignore what her father does for a living as much as possible. When her dad is involved in an accident, however, she is forced to take his place as CEO at his company and acknowledge that, perhaps, her perception of her dad's company has been wrong.
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