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Mark Patrick


Born in Witney, Oxfordshire, (UK), too many years ago to mention without embarrassment, Mark suffered through the usual childhood problems of mumps, measles and miserable schooldays. His father worked for the government and changed his workplace frequently. The constant changes made Mark wary of making friends: if you don't have close friends, you don't get hurt when you have to leave them. Now, he still finds making new friends difficult.

He worked in the area of photography, in London, then moved to Spain after his marriage. There, he and his wife established a successful language school in Andalusia. After many years, he is now concentrating more of his passion – writing.
Mark's hobbies include; reading, writing and listening to music. As far as his reading goes he devours everything from biographies to detective fiction. Music can be anything from Mozart or Bach to jazz vocal: Ella, Billie, or more modern vocalists, such as Diana Krall or Stacey Kent.

Apart from 'Chronicles of the White Tower', he is researching a book about the great jazz vocalists – which might be finished in a couple of years.

Books by Mark Patrick

Legacy (book) by Mark Patrick
For no apparent reason, the father of eighteen-year-old schoolgirl, Marian Fairfax, is brutally murdered and, alone in the world, she is plunged into a terrifying spiral of violence. Aided by an ex-SAS soldier, she attempts to discover who caused her father's death, and why.