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Martin Plews


Born on 24th February 1977 to an English father and Irish mother, Martin was brought up in a small town named Spennymoor, located only a few miles from Durham City, in the North East of England.

From an early age, Martin has always had an adventurous side to him and enjoyed the outdoor life. He would regularly take risks by climbing trees in the wooded plantation by his house or swimming in the nearby river Wear. At the age of twenty two, he joined his local Fire Station, and remained with them for a little over five years. Rising through the rank structure, he became gripped by the job.

He left the Fire Service in March 2005. Martin now lives in Australia and works as a Fire & Rescue Officer on a Mine Site.

Books by Martin Plews

Into the Flames
Into the Flames chronicles the career of Martin Plews, a former Retained Fire Fighter within his Community, for a little over five years. Some may ask how he can write a book on a five year career. Into the Flames answers that question by telling of his many experiences ...
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