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Matthew Tyrrell


Matthew Tyrrell was born and raised in Glasgow Scotland he is more than just a YouTube celeb originally worked in Morrisons but gave it up to pursue a family run business ttart and through working with his family decided to become an author as well and so started working on his first book with the illustrated art by his Dad David Tyrrell the book would be become and named the wee Scottish penguin phrase book.

Books by Matthew Tyrrell

The Wee Scottish Penguin Phrase Book - Book cover

A small Scottish Phrase Book with classic sayings from Scotland illustrated with handpainted and funny penguin images, designed to give hours of smiles and laughter. The book contains Scottish words with English translation - example: "Gonnae no dae that" (please don't do that) Ach wheesht an get oan wi it....and read our book. Adorable and silly penguin images - 28 pages of fun for all the family.

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